Pengerang had two 6-Inch Mk. VII BL guns on Mk.II CP (Centre Point) 15° Mountings as its main armament. These two guns pointed in a southerly direction and were emplaced near the sumit of Johore Hill (Bukit Pengerang). These guns were manned by men of the 9th Coast Regiment, 32nd Battery.

Pengerang was also armed with two 18 Pounders for defence against small fast craft. Peter Stubbs of, suggests that it is probable that those 18 pounders were of WWI vintage as there was a shortage of Twin 6 pounders at the time.


Main 6 inch gun technical stats:

Calibre: 6 Inch
Mark: VII
Regd. No: 1351, 1556
Max elevation: 15 degrees, 15 degrees
Max Range: yards 14100 (both guns)
Max Depression: degrees 12100 (both guns)
Weight of shell: lbs 100 (both guns)
Rate of fire: (rpms) 100 (both guns)
Arc of fire: 134 ½ - 353 ½

Mark : II
Regd No : 2347 , 2011
Trunnion Level : 442 ft, 402ft

Defending Garrison
Pengerang also had its own defending garrison. The Gordon Highlanders were initially tasked with this job up to January 1942, after which the 1st Mysores and a company of Madras Sappers and Miners took over garrison duties, commanded by officers of the Johore Volunteer Engineers.

Defence scheme armaments for garrison:

LL: 9 (very Light) = light, as in weight of fuse
MGs: 32 (machine guns)
LAs: 36 (light Automatic)