Pengilih Point
6" Battery
- Searchlight emplacements
- Pillboxes, bunkers etc
- Mysterious concrete block
- Officer quarters
- Water tower 
- Main barracks
- Toilet blocks
- Concrete court yard & cook house
- Concrete trench
- Oil storage tank area
- Underground engine room (+ layout plan)
- Engine room air vent shafts + escape tunnel

Pengilih Point / Searchlight emplacements / #2, #3, #4, #5, #6 on the layout map


Each photo here represents an individual searchlight emplacement found on site.
The example above was probably the largest and best surviving example of searchlight emplacement left on site. The other 4 emplacements seemed to be of smaller design.

Period reports tell of there being six 90cm searchlights having been installed at Pengerang. I could only find 5 emplacements at Pengilih. There was supposed to be 1 more emplacement nearer the base of Johore Hill, near Kampung Bahru to the east. I am uncertain if this emplacement still exists today.

Some of the emplacements on site had collapsed roof hangs such as the example above. Compated with pic 1, it's clear that this emplacement is of a smaller specification. The blue interiors I believe is due to ageing of the type of paint used over time. You see this blueing sometimes with civilian pre-war buildings, too.
Also note evidence of stripped out electrical wiring and panels on the walls.