When at this location do not go digging or searching around with the purpose of locating historical artifacts to take home!

Any kind of excavation and relic retrieval should only be undertaken by officially authorised archeological groups.

Above photo now out of date

Pengerang Battery is located just under 2 hours drive from Johore Bahru past the Desaru resort junction and onwards to Sungai Rengit. Take a right at the "T" junction and go through Sungai Rengit town and continue to the end of the coastal road to the main jetty at Tanjong Pengelih.

If you are coming from Singapore, it's far simpler to take a 45 minute bumboat trip from Changi Point Ferry Terminal and straight to the jetty.
What is left of the coastal battery is directly behind the customs / immigration building on the small hill.

Exploring this location is not a walk in the park. Be prepared for jungle trekking and the risks that accompany it.

Please note that this location is near an active military facility as well as a customs and immigration building, so it's in your best interest not to make a nuisance of yourself whilst at this site!