Pengilih Point
6" Battery
- Searchlight emplacements
- Pillboxes, bunkers etc
- Mysterious concrete block
- Officer quarters
- Water tower 
- Main barracks
- Toilet blocks
- Concrete court yard & cook house
- Concrete trench
- Oil storage tank area
- Underground engine room (+ layout plan)
- Engine room air vent shafts + escape tunnel

Pengilih Point / Oil storage tank area / #9 on the layout map

A 3-4 stepped concrete structure that ascends the slope like giant steps.   Large oil storage tank support mounts on the ground. At each stepped level I counted 4 support mounts, which could equate to 2 large cylindrical oil tanks.

Note the trapezoid (outlined red) silhouette on the face of the wall.   The bottom concrete step measured 70" in height.