- Searchlight Emplacements
- Pillboxes, bunkers etc
- Mysterious concrete block
- Officer quarters
- Water Tower
- Main barracks
- Toilet blocks
- Concrete court yard and the cook house
- Concrete Trench
- Oil storage tank area
- Underground engine room (+ layout plan)
- Engine room air vent shafts + escape tunnel
Excuses for the over dominating watermarks on some of these photos. The amount of pilfering from my website has been excessive at times.

Mystery concrete block:- (#16 on the layout map)

At first glance it apears to be a anti tank obstacle. its basic dimensions are as follows :-
Top: 48" X 53"
Base: 72" X 72"
Height: 3ft

On the top you can make out where a circular mounting ring was placed, this was probably used to crane this heavy block into place.
There are also two large notches on the right and left side of the block. Obviously something was mounted on this block, but what? Perhaps powerfull naval binoculars? The officer quarters are just above this site.