- Planning stages
- War years
- Occupation and post war years  
- Modern day Pengerang  
- Tunnel systems & underground places  
- A veteran remembers  

Tunnel systems and underground places

Pengerang battery is commonly rumoured to have extensive tunnel networks and underground bunkers, however, rumour and hersay can sometimes distort and exagerate the true facts.

Unfortunately, no official period plans of Pengerang's construction have yet been found in the archives. It's safe to assume however, that Pengerang would have followed the same standard designs as of other British fortifications of the day, utilising underground magazines, stores, shelters etc, in its construction.
I would assume most of these underground constructions would be up on Bukit Pengerang where the two 6" gun emplacements, as well as the main HQ and admin facilities are located. Until I can get access to these restricted land areas, the infrustructure of these locations will have to remain a mystery to me for now.

As far as the Pengelih point facility goes, we know it has a well protected underground power room with connected utility shafts and tunnels. Other than that construction, I have not discovered as of yet, any other subterranean systems nor obvious clues as to their possible existence at Pengelih. Not to say they don't exist.

During further research I did make contact with a person in the Malaysian military who claimed that he had found other tunnels under the Pengelih facility.

He and a team was able to gain access through 1 of 2 main entrances on the surface and explore much of the tunnel network. Parts of the tunnel system was said to be in such a bad state, that they had to shore up sections to prevent cave ins whilst they explored. Other sections had already given way and required them to dig through to continue with their exploration. Snakes, Scorpions and black spiders were also other hazards to contend with. In all, they are alleged to have discovered 6 separate rooms, 3 of which were thought to be an officer quarters, small arms ammunition store and a "ball sports court" of sorts.
One of the more amazing discoveries was said to have been a separate long tunnel that may have led all the way up to the operations HQ at the top of Bukit Pengerang. Sadly, he also adds that most of this subterranean system is now completely inaccessible due to a large cave in.

I am somewhat skeptical of a tunnel that could stretch from Pengelih all the way up to the HQ on top Johore Hill. Such a construction would surely have been an immense undertaking over difficult terrain. I have also been unable to find any physical evidence of additional tunnels or their entrances at Pengelih, other than those of the Powerhouse.

Until further evidence is uncovered or provided, this overall tunnel account for now remains unconfirmed.