- Pengerang / Eastern sector
  - Pengelih point searchlight battery
    - Pengerang Battery overall layout
    - Pengerang under Japanese control

Pengerang Battery overall layout

As of yet I have been unable to trace the official plans of the Pengerang defended area. However with various archive documents and supplied map coordinates contained within, I was able to construct a rough layout.
A big thanks goes to those web users who sent in scans of period maps of Pengerang to the proper “Johore Grid” scale, without this information it would have been impossible to use the coordinates I had. Cheers!


The BOP at Pengerang was also used as the Flank OP for Tekong Battery.

The minefield: The minefield's exact location is still a bit of a mystery. Its general location was taken from an eye witness 60+ years ago and thought to be in this general area.